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The second one antelope book is a new photographic guide Bovids of the world by dr. J. R. Castello. This pictorial book is in the stage of finishing text content.

Visit and enjoy our HD video archive with selected species and subspecies of antelopes and giraffes. We are trying to include videos from the wild mainly, some of them are really rare and not very often presented.


The latest video: Dibatag by F. Wilhelmi. We are proudly presenting the first video footage of the dibatag antelope ever recorded.


Other latest upload:

Chousingha or Four-horned Antelope


Beside this you can watch videos of the Bangweulu Sassabies, Livingstone´s Elands or Western Giant Elands which are seldom filmed.


We have included complete lecture of Professor Colin Groves (University Canberra, Australia) talking about his „Ungulate Taxonomy“.


Must see for every antelope or giraffe enthusiast.


Many videos are still missing and we would greatly appreciated your contributions.  To make a relink is not a problem.